Welcome to HPCT-CAE!

Panoramic View of Sanctuary

Welcome Home

You have friends. People to share your joys and sorrows. A warm and supportive setting for family events. A place to celebrate the cycles and seasons of Jewish life. It’s all here for you at Highland Park Conservative Temple-Congregation Anshe Emeth.

HPCT-CAE is the only Conservative synagogue in Highland Park. Founded in 1926 in the back room of a bakery, it has grown into an active center of Jewish life in central New Jersey.


Connect with your community

HPCT-CAE is a perfect place to make friends and connections in your local community. At our Shabbat kiddush, people of all generations get together, from Jewish singles to young parents, to retirees. Over a light nosh and perhaps a sip of schnapps, you can catch up with friends, arrange a play date for the kids, and chat about the week’s events.


Open to all, regardless of Jewish knowledge or observance level

You’ll find a full range of Jewish identity and observance at HPCT-CAE. Our diverse membership includes people for whom observance of Shabbat and holidays is a constant. Others express their Judaism through social action or identification with Israel. All have a place in our community. Even as we support you wherever you are on your Jewish journey, we will challenge you to enrich your Jewish life and connect more deeply with your heritage.

In keeping with our history and openness to change, you have a choice between a weekly egalitarian Shabbat service, where men and women participate fully in the service, and a non-egalitarian service where more traditional roles are observed. Afterward we come together for a talk with Rabbi Malomet and the remainder of the service.


Led by our personable and dynamic Rabbi Eliot Malomet

Our synagogue has evolved and grown over the years, thanks to the dynamic leadership of Rabbi Eliot Malomet. A native of Ottawa, Canada, Rabbi Malomet was ordained by the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York and became our spiritual leader in 1994. He holds a prominent place in New Jersey Jewish life and is known for his personable style and thought-provoking sermons.


Enrich your life with Jewish education and cultural events

HPCT-CAE is your place to grow spiritually and enrich your Jewish knowledge. We offer a broad selection of classes, talks, and cultural events. Everything from courses in beginning Hebrew and prayer to history lectures, to our annual Jewish Film Series.

Meanwhile, your child can choose from a range of youth-oriented activities. Start with a weekly young people’s service, where learning, song, and play lay the foundation for a lifetime of Jewish commitment. Continue through bar/bat mitzvah training and teen-oriented Hebrew high school classes.

HPCT-CAE children are also involved in local Jewish youth groups, including Jewish scouts, Kadima, and USY. They grow to hold leadership positions and receive scholarships for travel to Israel.

Come for a visit!

The best way to get to know our temple is to drop by. Come see a movie. Sit in on a class. Join us any Saturday morning for a Shabbat service. Visit during the week to tour our new building and state-of-the-art child care center. Or schedule time to talk to the Rabbi.

So, nu? Your community is waiting. When can you visit?